The Tool and Die Department is specialises in precision mould design and fabrication. With the advanded CNC machinery, percision measuring instrument as well as computer aided simulations, design and manufacturing system such as UGS , AutoCAD and PROE. We are able to deliver the quality molds in the shortest lead time with competitive pricing.

Accuracy, flexibility and speed is achieved with the Horizontal Machine. This powerful machine is able to put multiple work pieced in the range of the spindle immediately, and hold high machining accuracies at high cutting feed rates. The Erowa Tooling System for multipurpose application used in EDM machines, promised a positioning of 0.002 mm. Hence, provides unmatched start-to-finish efficiency

Whether your product require fine tolerance control or larger press according to clients' specific engineering needs, our wide range of advanced modelled production machineries ranged from 10 to 1300 tonnes, incorporated with injection speed of 1000 mm/s will be able to fulfil various products' and clients' requirements.

With our superior quality machinery specifically imported from Germany and Japan, namely DEMAG, TOSHIBA, NISSEI & SUMITOMO, we will be able to produce outstanding quality precision and engineering plastic parts and components for the consumer electronics, telecommunication and electrical supply industries.

The use of automated in-line robotic spray painting, auto-spindle systems in the Class 10K Clean Room Facilities for both solvent based IR / UV curable paints, Semi-auto multiple colour tampo printing systems, silk screening, ultrasonic welding and heat staking provide fine decorative finishing & assembly techniques to these thermoplastic products.

The Spraying operation is being operating under the clean Room environment right within the Spraying and Curing process. The working condition is being monitor with temperatures and humidity control by the central air supply system which continuously supply the fresh air to the facilities, this is to provide the most optimum condition for the spraying operation. The spraying is being operating under the air particle 0.5um<=1000pcs/ft3 , 5um<=65pcs/ft3, as to minimal the environment impact over to spray finishing and enhance the production prime yield. By using the Robotic from Sweden Staubli with 6 axis movements , is consists of highly compact , repeatability and speed characteristics, this will enable the production to having the flexibilities to meet the high complexity / precision products requirements

We offer integrated services and solutions that support our customers' requirements throughout the complete product and delivers product solutions to further assist our customers to achieve competitive advantage. With a robust set of systems, skills and tools, we are able to efficiently manage production and deliver customer service, regardless of geography, cost-point, technology, or end-market demand.